Case Study: Wine Cellar Fit-Out Process

We recently had the challenge of a potential wine cellar fit-out (4 walls) with a light coloured pine and oak wine rack system.

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Based in Derbyshire, the team at Wine Racks UK has over 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke wine storage solutions. During this time, the family-run business has gained a reputation for quality products at affordable prices. 

We help customers convert damp unusable cellars into beautiful climate-controlled state-of-the-art wine cellars-room that perfectly preserve wine or Champagne, and we help couples make the most of unused under-the-stairs spaces for wine storage. We’ve helped business owners from luxury hotels to beautiful countryside restaurants and Parisian wine bars. 

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Aside from designing the layout, Wine Racks UK advises on everything from cooling systems to lighting options, the type of materials to use (solid oak, solid pine or wood and metal) and storage solutions for different sized bottles. Specialist storage options can be created for wooden Bordeaux boxes to large format bottles, half size bottles and Brandy or Rum. 

Wine cellar fit-out briefing details

The cellar was tanked, dry and cool – the temperature was constant with ventilation.

They wanted to source empty cases or boxes together with a wine barrel that could be used as a table to stand at. Also, they wanted to integrate an existing half (waist) height wine fridge in the layout.

The customer’s initial comments

“I quite like a design I saw on your web page for all of the racks – perhaps if you could integrate some nooks for magnums or prestige bottles too for display – depending on the configuration I am happy to ditch the display per the bottom row in the picture above or perhaps only have this on one or two of the racks.”

Wine Racks Customer

There are four walls as described within the client’s initial brief, with a floor-to-ceiling height of 177cm.

  • Wall 1 = 210cm width
  • Wall 2 = 216cm width
  • Wall 3 = 202cm width 
  • Wall 4 = 110cm width

Wall 4 was also an entrance to another room so the rack would need to be less than that so as to not be an obstruction and stick out.

We created a visual representation of the new wine cellar and provided a quotation as given below

  • 256 x holes of solid oak modular wine racking with chamfered ends for individual standard bottles.                                                                                                         
  • 17 x holes of solid pine modular wine racking for displaying individual standard bottles.
  • 8 x solid pine wine cubes holding  bottles in total (24 bottles in each cube).          
  • 1 x solid pine shelf unit with adjustable glass shelves and side vertical display.     
  • 2 x solid pine base units with adjustable wooden shelves.
  • 10 x solid pine case racks each 2 cases high and holding 2 cases in total on slide out trays.               
  • 20 x wooden case 
  • The lights require a 13amp 3 pin socket to plug the lights into.
  • Oak barrel with 800mm diameter glass top 9mm thick
  • height: 97cm. Approximate diameter at middle: 70cm.Diameter at End: 60cm 

This resulted in a ‘first-class’ service and a very happy customer

Final comments

Absolutely loving the cabinets and racks – excellent quality and great looking too. First class service from start to finish and first class product – keep up the great work! Now to fill them! And then empty them – then fill them etc…

Wine Racks Customer