Wooden & Metal Wine Racks

Wine Rack UK have an extensive range of traditional wood and metal wine racks, which are suitable for both individual and commercial use. If you are looking for a made-to-measure traditional wine rack which has been manufactured right here in the UK, then look no further. Our bespoke wine racks offer attractive, practical solutions for storing and displaying your wine.

All of our metal and wood wine racks are made from galvanised steel and high quality pine, which can be left natural or finished with a wood stain. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, you can use our wine rack calculator to determine the number of bottles which can be stored within your specific dimensions. We can manufacture wine racks to hold standard, magnum, half and Dom Perignon style champagne bottles. Moet style champagne bottles will fit into our standard wood and metal wine racks.

Whatever your individual preference, we can build custom traditional wine racks in a range of different materials and finishes, including natural pine, stained pine, solid oak, dark oak, light oak and mahogany. Simply tell us what you require and we will design a beautiful, hand crafted wine storage solution that perfectly matches your needs.

For customers requiring a more decorative look to their wine racks, they can be built with solid oak or solid pine. With a wide choice of material combinations, you can be sure that our racks are crafted with strength, style and durability in mind.

For more information about our bespoke wine racks, or to discuss design, please Call 01159441434 or Email us at information@wineracks.co.uk with your requirements, including approximate dimensions and we will be able to provide you with a quote.

Alternatively, you can use our online Wine Rack Calculator for an indication of how many bottles can be stored within your dimensions. We also have a Dimension Chart and Design Grid so you can design your own Wine Rack to fit your needs, to Download Click HERE.

Double depth Wine Racks

Double depth Wine Racks are an ideal solution for storing larger quantities of wine. Double depth wine racks are 533mm (21″) deep.

These space saving wine racks store one bottle behind another and the wine bottles can only be accessed from one side of the wine rack. If access is required from both sides 2 single depth wine racks placed back to back and bolted together will be needed.

Champagne Wine Racks

We manufacture all of our wine racks in our factory in Derbyshire and produce a special range of racks for champagne bottles ranging from a 75cl bottle to a Nebuchadnezzar. These racks hold Krug, Dom Perignon and Bollinger style bottles. For Moet style bottles, our standard wine racking is required.

Bollinger Range

Champagne Storage Solutions – Wine Racks | A&W Moore

Dimension chart for 75cl Krug, Dom Perignon & Bollinger style bottles.

Champagne Wine Rack Sizes

105mm Centres

Number Of Holes

  1. 140mm
  2. 245mm
  3. 350mm
  4. 455mm
  5. 560mm
  6. 665mm
  7. 770mm
  8. 875mm
  9. 980mm
  10. 1085mm
  11. 1190mm
  12. 1295mm
  13. 1400mm
  14. 1505mm
  15. 1610mm
  16. 1715mm
  17. 1820mm
  18. 1925mm
  19. 2030mm
  20. 2135mm
  21. 2240mm

Arched and Triangular

We supply all styles of Wine Racks, like Triangle and Arched wine racks  which can be tailor-made to fit arched and curved cellars and recesses anywhere in the UK, Scotland and Wales. Our wine Racks can be made any size to suit customers requirements.

To Design the Right Arch, Triangle or Custom Shape for you, use our Design Grid and Dimensions Chart.  

The high quality wooden blocks can be stained to a variety of colours.

Please see the colour sample below.

Traditional Wine Rack Colour Sample

Our traditional wooden wine racks are custom made so can be constructed using any of the following materials:

Natural pine Stained pine Solid oak Wooden blocks Stainless Steel