Solid Pine Wine Racks

A & W Moore Wine Rack UK design and manufacture pine wine racks, all of which are hand-crafted from quality woods, then finely sanded and stained in our factory in Derbyshire. All wooden wine racks are available for delivery and fitting across the UK now. We can also export to Europe and the rest of the world.

A cost-effective alternative to our wooden wine racks using other types of wood, we have an extensive range of bespoke pine wine racks, which can be made to order to meet any size and space specification.

We go above and beyond to meet client expectations, ensuring that all of our solid pine modular racking systems are expertly tailor made to fit in any space and storage specification. Whether it be individual wine bottles, half bottles, magnums or other larger formats of wine and champagne, such as Dom Perignon and Krug bottles – we have the storage solution for your needs. The standard bottle wine racks will hold Moet style Champagne bottles.

Each unit is made using solid pine, which can then be stained in a finish of your choice, including natural pine, dark oak, medium oak, light oak, walnut, grey, limed white and black. To fully customise your wooden wine rack, you can then choose to add tops, plinths, backing and more niche features like LED lighting.

A & W Moore Wine Racks can design single racks or complete wine cellars, for both personal and commercial uses. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will deliver high quality, attractive wine storage solutions to suit your requirements. Please call 01159441434 or email us at for a free quotation and design.

Our solid pine wine racks are fully customisable, allowing you to modify the plinths, sliding shelves and tops to create a bespoke piece of furniture which appeals to you specifically. You may choose from light or dark wooden modules, meaning that there is a product here to suit all interiors, helping to best preserve your wine and champagne stylishly through the ageing process.

Designed to maximise space usage, our display pine wine racks are assembled in modular sections for easy integration in any destination, such as wine cellars, kitchens, restaurants, homes or commercial spaces.

Since all of our designs are flexible, they can be easily adjusted to meet your personal requirements and space. All of our products use the highest quality wood materials, producing truly unique, practical and stylish wine cellar and display storage solutions. You can also use our wine rack dimension chart below to determine the exact amount of bottle storage you can get.

Our Solid Oak wine racking is normally finished with Light Oak stain. For a small additional charge it can be finished in a variety of colours. Click here to view.

Individual Bottle Wine Racking

The height of the individual wine racking is as follows:The width of the individual wine racking is as follows:
1. 138mm1. 135mm
2. 215mm2. 249mm
3. 312mm3. 363mm
4. 408mm4. 476mm
5. 503mm5. 590mm
6. 598mm6. 704mm
7. 696mm7. 818mm
8. 793mm8. 932mm
9. 888mm9. 1047mm
10. 985mm10. 1162mm

The single depth bottle wine racks are 298mm deep and the cost is £9.90 per hole including a stain of you’re choice.

The double depth bottle wine racks are 598mm deep and the cost is £14.50 per hole including a stain of you’re choice.

solid oak wine racking

Wine cellars can be tedious to design, configure and navigate, which is why we will support and advise you throughout the entire set-up process, whilst also providing you with all the necessary wine cellar accessories and furniture.

Our Solid Pine wine racking can be stained in various colours, please see our chart below.

Natural Pine
Natural Pine
Light Oak
Light Oak
Medium Oak
Medium Oak
Dark Oak
Dark Oak

Solid pine wine storage cubes are a unique and decorative way to display and store bulk quantities of wine bottles outside of their wooden cases.

  • Pine wine cubes single depth
    503mm x 503mm x 298mm deep
    £110.00 each including a stain finish
  • Pine wine cubes single depth
    598mm x 598mm x 298mm deep
    £132.00 each including a stain finish
  • Pine wine cubes double depth
    503mm x 503mm x 598mm deep
    £175.00 each including a stain finish
  • Pine wine cubes double depth
    598mm x 598mm x 598mm deep
    £210.00 each including a stain finish

Pine backs are available for the wine racks and wine cubes at an additional cost.

Pine case racks are available for wine lovers who prefer to keep bottles in their cases for personal consumption or to store them in impeccable condition during aging, as an investment for the future. Discover our full wine case storage racks range for more options.

Prices are for the Unit only, without a Plinth and Top.

  • 2 Drawer Case Rack
    503mm high x 401mm wide x 550mm deep
  • 3 Drawer Case Rack
    735mm high x 401mm wide x 550mm deep
  • 4 Drawer Case Rack
    1006mm high x 401mm wide x 550mm deep
  • 5 Drawer Case Rack
    1198mm high x 401mm wide x 550mm deep

A 5-high Wine Case Stand is equal in height to 2 no. 598mm wine cubes.

A 4-high Wine Case Stand is equal to 2 no. 503mm wine cubes.

Tops add a finishing touch to your wine rack display by streamlining the height of the individual components.

Worktops are also an option to give you a worktop for more storage or Display, or somewhere to keep your wine while tasting.

  • The cost of a 320mm deep top is £68.00 for the first metre and £58.00 per metre thereafter.
  • The cost of a 570mm deep top is £92.00 for the first metre and £72.00 per metre thereafter.

Pine wine rack plinths subtly complete your wine display or wine cellar with an elegant finish. These are positioned on the floor directly underneath the wine rack or cabinet, and have adjustable feet to provide a levelled surface. They also perfectly complement the racking by keeping the bottom row of wine or champagne bottles off the floor for better storage and preservation of your wines.

  • The cost for a 320mm deep plinth is £110.00 for the first metre and £76.00 per metre thereafter.
  • The cost for a 570mm deep plinth is £135.00 for the first metre and £105.00 per metre thereafter.

Our pine wine racking can be enhanced by adding a row or two of display bottles, allowing viewing of the wine bottles.

The Display Bottles are equivalent to two holes high of Standard per one display high, Something to keep in mind when Calculating your Desired Wine Rack.

We also offer remote controlled LED lighting that is installed under the top, worktop and above the display bottles to give extra illumination.