Bespoke Wine Room Design and Build

Wine cellars need not always be underground, consider a bespoke wine room.

Elevate your wine collection with a bespoke wine room. Be it a contemporary design with glass walls, a bespoke home bar, or a stand alone quiet room with space to enjoy every sip, a walk-in wine room is sure to make an impact.

What is a Wine Room?

Wine rooms are a space dedicated to storing, protecting and nurturing treasured collections of wine.

Perhaps your wine has begun to outgrow the kitchen cupboards, or your restaurant business is in need of storing fine wines more effectively… the reasons for investing in a wine cellar are often varied. With this variation brings the industry of bespoke wine rooms – handcrafted and tailor-made to each person and their needs.

After all, not all properties are blessed with a perfectly dry and underground cellar, or even an extra room. That’s why the majority of the projects we work on at A & W Moore Wine Racks are above ground, because any small room, garage or staircase cupboard will fit the bill perfectly.

In fact, it’s already quite common in France and many other European countries to find an improvised cave à vin in the house or garage, so surely it’s about time the UK hopped on the bandwagon!

Solid oak danish oil restraunt wine room
Contemporary wine room

Where can you build a small wine room

Your wine storage solution can be designed to fit around you and could actually be found in any small room or crevice of your property. Typically, you don’t need much room, just high enough to walk into (for easy access to the wine!); this can be as little as 2m x 3m in footprint.


How do I keep my wine room cool?

For an above ground wine room, a climate control system is a very important consideration. At Wine Racks, we utilise cellar conditioners, such as the Londis cellar conditioners, which we can then install to perfectly mimic the optimum temperature of the best wine cellars.

Our contemporary wine rooms are designed, manufactured and built by our experienced team of craftsman.


Contemporary wine rooms can look stunning, be it for a restaurant, hotel or just a stylist wine enthusiast!

There are several different materials to choose from, ranging in aesthetic, cost and purpose. If you’re opting for a more cost-effective approach, you may like to go for one made from wood and metal racks, for example.

The premium style is our all wooden wine rooms, typically made from solid pine or solid oak, though we can use any material if required - such as mahogany!

Whatever you choose, we will be sure to help you plan out and design the room upfront to be sure that you get the storage you need for all standard bottles, half bottles, magnum bottles and even extra large champagne bottle!

Creating a statement wine room for prestigious customers.

A&W Moore can help you create the perfect wine room to store, admire and drink your collection of wines

So, you have a growing collection of wines of which you are very proud and you have decided that you really do want and need a wine room (given the lack of a perfect existing cellar!). You now have a nice problem - how do you move forward with your collection?

Due consideration should always be given to the layout and what you expect to store, whether it be wines for your own future drinking pleasure or fine wines that you may purchase as recently bottled and “lay down” for a future return on your investment, which could be in ten years or more time.

There are many ways to look at this question and most oenophiles (wine enthusiasts) will combine investment wines for the future, wines for special occasions and wines that may be considered for “everyday” drinking. A glimpse into your thoughts about what type and size you wish to store will allow our designers to come up with a neat, stylish and practical solution.

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Does wine room increase home value?

The simple answer is yes, a well-designed wine room will definitely increase the value of a home, especially for high value properties, as these are the people with wine collections that need an area in the home to store their collection.

Where can a wine room be?

Wine rooms can be installed anywhere in the house where there’s a suitable amount of room. 

It’s still important to consider that, for example, installing a cellar conditioner can be difficult especially if the stairs are in the middle of the house. But that’s what we’re here for, our expert team can help with advice and guidance in addition to the eventual design and fitting of your bespoke wine room.

How much do wine rooms cost?

The wood and metal wine racks can be combined with pine wine cubes to give a cost-effective option for the small wine rooms. The all-wood wine racks can be made from solid pine or oak. Solid pine is about two thirds the cost of solid oak. There are various solutions available which start from £5,200.00

Wood and metal wine racks can cost as little as £200.00 through to the solid oak wine racks with LED lights that range from £3k to £12K. The all wood wine racks can be made from solid pine or oak. The solid pine is about 2/3 the cost of the solid oak. The area can be enhanced by our LED lighting which can be placed under the shelves, over the display bottles and on the angle.

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