Handmade mahogany wine cellar for private residence

We recently had the privilege and pleasure of building a beautiful handmade mahogany wine cellar for a private residence, based in the Chanel Islands.

The client came to us via a recommendation from one of his friend who had previously commission Wine Racks UK to build their bespoke wine cellar racking, so the pressure was on to justify the recommendation.

Wine Cellar Design and Build

The new client was looking for a full service, to include; site visits, measurements, design consultations, material selection, a detailed quote and building the project.

The main task for this client was not entirely the capacity of the new wine cellar capacity, but they wanted to make a feature room for their wines, one with beautiful aesthetics.

For the design process we needed we be sympathetic to the existing décor of the main house, which had wooden fixtures made out of mahogany. To match this beautiful house we created a bespoke wine cellar design that would need to be entirely hand made, as mahogany is a non standard wooden for typical wine cellars.

In additional to the handmade wine racking system we designed and then built, we incorporated some extra features such as stainless steel pins for holding wine on display as well as mirrored units lit up with LED’s.

To further enhance the appearance of this room, and the collection of wine it held, we chose to use wine fridges, rather than air conditioners unit. This approach delivers maximum visual impact without compromising the look, or the storage of wine with unsightly air conditioning units.

Wine Cellar Capacity

The completed handmade mahogany wine cellar has a capacity of around 1500 bottles with space for magnums and other formats also as well as space for 12 bottle wine boxes and cases.

To help plan your wine cellar capacity why not try our wine rack calculator.