Centre Island Wine Racks

Centre island wine racks are one of the more popular wine storage options for commercial and residential premises, providing an all-around storage solution, with a wine rack table, which is great for use when tasting wines.

Island wine racks are an ideal way to make use of unused space in your home or shop, while providing excellent counter-top placement options when entertaining guests or displaying select bottles. In a shop, place the free-standing commercial wine island in a high traffic area and you will surely see an increase in sales.

We manufacture our island wine racks with maximum visibility in mind, with 360 degree bottle visibility and a good height, allowing for the labels to be easily read by customers and guests alike.

Completely manufactured in the UK, as with all our products, these wine racks can be made in different sizes and bottle numbers, to suit customers’ requirements.

The tops can also be supplied in solid oak, as well as pine stained oak, or mahogany, as pictured. All the materials we use are high quality and designed to last a lifetime, which is why our customers trust us to deliver excellent wine storage solutions every time.

Our products can be supplied to customers throughout the UK, Scotland and Wales. Contact us today to discuss your wine storage needs with one of our experts.