Wine & Champagne Bottle Sizes Guide

Here’s Wine Racks UK’s official Wine Bottle Size Guide to ensure you plan well ahead for your party guests. Wine bottle sizes range from a Quarter all the way to a Midas which holds 30 litres of wine!

wine and champagne bottle size guide chart: sizes range from a Quarter to a Midas which holds 30 litres of wine.

Wine Bottle Sizes Chart

CapacityNameDescriptionNo. of glassesNo. of bottles
187.5 mlSplitUsually for single glasses of Champagne (referred to as Piccolo in Italian)1 glass1/4 of a bottle
375 mlHalfHolds half a standard size bottle (referred to as ‘Demi’ in France)2 glasses1/2 of a bottle
750 mlStandardUniversal bottle size for most wines around the World5 glasses1 bottle
1.5 LMagnumDouble the standard bottle10 glasses2 bottles
3.0 LJeroboam or Double MagnumTwo Magnums or four standard bottles20 glasses4 bottles
4.5 LRehoboamSix standard bottles30 glasses6 bottles
6.0 LMethuselah or ImperialEight standard bottles or two Double Magnums40 glasses8 bottles
9.0 LSalmanazarTwelve standard bottles60 glasses12 bottles
12.0 LBalthazarSixteen standard bottles or two Imperials80 glasses16 bottles
15.0 LNebuchadnezzarTwenty standard bottles100 glasses20 bottles
18.0 LSolomonTwenty-four standard bottles120 glasses24 bottles
26.25 LSovereignThirty-five standard bottles175 glasses35 bottles
27.0 LPrimat or GoliathThirty-six standard bottles180 glasses36 bottles
30.0 LMelchizedek or MidasForty standard bottles200 glasses40 bottles

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