Home Wine Room Dream Comes True

A new customer got in touch from the beautiful Channel island of Guernsey as they were starting a long held dream of collecting prestigious wines.

And this wine enthusiast knew what they wanted from their bespoke wine room!

Wine Room Design Consultation

Guernsey oak wine room

We met the client on site for a full wine room design consultation.

  • the client did not wish to store many wooden wine boxes,
  • instead they wanted more storage for 6 and 12 individual bottles
  • the client was also keen on champagne so we planned in a good amount of storage for magnums and Dom Perignon style champagne bottles
  • finally our client wanted a work top space to stand large format champagne bottles, spirits and liqueurs.

We took careful measurements from site and returned back to our workshop in the Midlands.

Design and Build of a Solid Oak Wine Rack

Our experienced designers created some beautiful ideas for the new wine room, based on the dimensions we had and the wine it needed to store.

We reviewed the designs with the client, talking through a few changes and amends as requested.

Once the design was approved we crafted all the parts in the workshop and sent them with our team for the final build


A trip to Guernsey

The team drew straws to pick the lucky craftsmen who got to visit Guernsey, though this was never going to be much of a holiday.

The solid oak wine rack was heavy, in fact too heavy for our 3.5 tonne truck.

The only way to to get the oak safely to the clients property was freight using the Ferry Speed.

Happy Client!

We had hardly been finished five minutes when the client started to fill the new wine room with their much treasured wines. It was great to see the solid oak wine rack in action!

The wine cubes provided and excellent solution for storing six and twelve bottles, the magnums were stored in the corners on a 45˚  angle and in the centre of the cellar there is a special champagne rack manufactured for the Dom Perignon style champagne bottles.

The standard wine racks were specifically sized to hold normal Moet & Chandon style champagne bottles for this champagne enthusiast.

Guernsey solid oak wine rack 3

Interested in having a bespoke cocktail bar like this for your own dining room? Simply just contact the Wine Racks team on 0115 944 1434!