See our top 5 under stairs wine rack projects

Below we attempt to list our top five under stairs wine rack projects, judging on a combination of the complexity of the project, the required level of craftsmanship needed, the ingenuity of the wine racking capacity, the finalised look, and (most important) the client’s satisfaction.

We have noticed a growth in the demand for bespoke under stair wine rack projects in the UK recently. Our guess is there are two reasons, firstly people really love wine these days, and secondly space is often at a premium in modern houses so homeowners have adopted new innovative ways to maximise that space.

Under Stairs Wine Rack Projects

1. The Classic Oak Stained Pine Installation

A timeless design that can complement almost every British home whilst keeping costs to a minimum, featuring handcrafted pine racks and shelves with a natural oak stain finish to highlight the wood’s grain.

2. The Rustic Retreat

Ideal for the country house, this wine rack uses reclaimed wood to add character and history to your wine collection.

Wine Cubes Small Under Stairs Wine Storage
Pine cubes and galvanised steel wine racks under stairs

3. The Glass Showcase

Incorporating glass elements to display your prized bottles, this design is perfect for the modern collector who loves to showcase their collection.

Solid oak LED Lights under stairs wine room

4. The Minimalist

This project is all about clean lines and uncluttered design, using white ash wood and a matte finish to achieve a minimalist look.

Traditional wood-metal under-stair wine rack
Traditional wood-metal under-stair wine rack

5. The Modernist Dark Wood Blend

For the contemporary home, this project combines sleek metal with warm wood tones, creating a striking contrast that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Solid Oak stained dark oak colour understairs wine rack
Solid Oak stained dark oak colour understairs wine rack

Complex shapes need skilled craftsmanship

The biggest stand out of these under stairs wine rack projects is the need for versatility and creativity of both our design team and the craftsman.

The under stairs space is often awkward, triangular, and non standard. Our goal is to complete each project so that the new under stairs wine rack looks like it was always a part of the house and that is perfectly belongs in the space. At, we pride ourselves on every job that our long serving and experienced craftsmanship create, matching with the client’s specific needs and adopting the ideal wood type and finish every time.

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