How to Store your Wine Correctly

Have you ever sat at work and dreamt about your first gorgeous glass of wine that you will be indulging in as soon as you step through the door of your home? Has that dream ever been thwarted when later that evening the cork breaks as you’re trying to open the bottle? If so, the main reason your wine is becoming undrinkable is most likely the way you’re storing your wine bottles. Wine is a very fragile liquid and can often be spoiled when not cared for. Many bottles of wine sit for weeks, months or even years before being opened and enjoyed. If you have ever worried that you are not storing your wine correctly and want some top tips to prevent your wine from becoming spoiled, read on.

Purchase the right wine rack

It is very important that you purchase the right wine storage so that you can stock your wine correctly. You need to have enough space in order to store all of the wine bottles that are going to be stored on it, but also need to make sure you choose the right material and design of your wine rack so that it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb alongside your interior design style.

Store wine on its side

If you decide to store wine standing up, it can (and will) result in the cork drying out and ruining the wine. The dried cork will shrink, resulting in air making its way in the bottle, which can spoil the wine rapidly! It does not matter whether all of the other conditions in which you store your wine are perfect, a dried out cork can turn all expensive wines into salad dressing. By placing the bottle on its side, it means you will keep the cork moist and prevent air from getting into the bottle and ruining your delicious investment.

Keep it chilled

If you didn’t know already, average room temperature is too warm to serve or store your wine. As with most foods, the warmer the temperature of the wine, the faster the wine will go bad and undrinkable. If you have ever accidentally left wine in the car during the summer and then tried having a swig, you will realise how bad it can taste. Leaving a bottle at room temperature can do the same over a long period of time. Room temperature wine tastes duller than a chilled wine, this is why it is better to keep it cool.

Keep it somewhere you can easily select a bottle

It is imperative that when you are trying to decide on what bottle you would like to divulge in that evening, that you know what wines are in your collection and where to find it. Although documenting your collection is helpful, it’s hard to beat a clear visual display of all of your bottles. It should always be as easy as possible to work out what bottles of wine you have available.