Why a Wine Cellar is the Best Place to Store Your Wine

Update to “Wine Cellar is the Best Place to Store Your Wine” article 27th January 2023

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Any wine connoisseur dreams of having a wine cellar in their own home. As wine cellars are becoming increasingly popular for many conventional homeowners, it’s never too late to get one installed in your home!

Read on to discover why upgrading from a wine rack or wine cabinet to a wine cellar is the best place to store your wine.

Arrange into categories

If your collection of wine is continuously growing, having a built-in wine cellar in your house is the perfect way to organise your wine. You can arrange your wine into categories, such as colour, age, region and even different occasions. Organising your wine makes it easier for you to choose and get access to the bottle you wish to drink for a special event or even just to sip leisurely.

Avoid direct sunlight

Wine cellars can prevent and protect your wine from coming in to contact with sunlight. The UV rays from sunlight can cause damage to your wine and speed up premature ageing. As every room in a house has windows, the wine on the wine racks or wine cabinets will inevitably be exposed to the natural light.

It is, therefore, best to keep wine cellars in darkness and away from sunlight, you’ll need to have some form of light to see and pick a bottle of wine when a guest comes around. It is recommended to use a LED light source for your wine cellar, as minimal heat is emitted from the bulb. An LED bulb also prevents temperature fluctuations, as well as eliminating wine degradation and the build-up of moisture.

Prevents temperature fluctuations

Changes in the temperature can have a negative impact on the wine’s ageing and chemical process. A wine cellar will be a great solution to keep the temperature mild, constant and controlled. Although you are able to control the temperature and store wine in wine fridges or coolers. They’re not ideal for storing wine in the long-term as they produce heat, whereas with wine cellars, considering they’re in an environment with a controlled temperature and other optimal cellar conditions, you can store your collection of wine for many years.

Optimise humidity levels

Humidity is another factor that affects the condition of the wine. Wine stored in a wine fridge can dehumidify the wine and cause the cork to dry out, but excess humidity offers the perfect condition for mould to grow and destroy wine labels. With a wine cellar, you can control the moisture in a room to the optimal level – it is recommended that the wine should be at 70% humidity.

Reduced vibrations

Vibrations can accelerate the ageing process of wine and speed the chemical reactions, which decreases the quality of the wine. No matter whether it is accidental, or if you have limited room to move around freely, you can create vibrations by bumping into the side of the table where the wine racks are placed or nudging wine cabinets. A wine cellar can minimise vibrations, and thus allowing you to store your wine for longer.

Increase the price of your home

You can increase the price of your home if you build your own wine cellar. All you need is a basement, small room, or garage – you can even consider extending your home if you do not have space. There are many wine enthusiasts who would love to live in a house with an area that’s dedicated to wine. With the in-built wine cellar, they could be willing to pay more for your property as this feature is rarely offered to the housing marketing.