Koolspace Air Cooling Systems

Considering its compact size, the Koolspace KoolR Magnum is certainly one of the quietest wine cellar air conditioning units that we have come across. As such, this unit is perfect for residential and commercial cellars where noise may be an issue.

This product is now discontinued for the UK market.
The nearest comparable product is the Fondis C25.

It is designed for rooms and spaces up to 20 m3 in capacity and the KoolR Magnum vents directly through an internal wall into an adjoining space and controls the temperature down to 13˚C.

This unit is designed to be fitted within an internal wall and is not suitable for fitting in an external wall, as it has no frost protection.  The unit quietly vents into the adjacent room which should be equal or larger in volume than the cellar.  Plant rooms and laundry rooms are often not suitable as they have a very high average temperature.

The conditions in your wine cellar need to be just right in order for your wine to fully thrive, since wine is famously very fragile. With A & W Moore you will find the perfect products to allow your wine to sit in the best possible conditions within your cellar.

The unit is mounted onto the wall in the adjacent room, with the bulk of it protruding into the wine cellar to reduce its visual impact. The controls are then mounted on the faceplate so that there is no need to enter the wine cellar to adjust them where necessary. The condensation that is produced by the air conditioning process is used to cool the unit and in turn, increase its efficiency.

  • Cooling for wine cellars up to 20m³ in size
  • Quiet operation – just 40db at 1m and 38db at 3m
  • Internal venting – no need to vent to an outside wall
  • External control and display for temperature setting without entering the wine cellar
  • Smart power sensors – automatic power levels to save on energy bills
  • High temperature alert

Dimensions (mm): 232h x 394l x 390d

Alternative comparable product

Fondis C25

This unit offers cooling for wine cellars up to 25m³ in size – suitable for venting on interior walls only.



This unit offers cooling for wine cellars up to 25m³ in size and helps to transform a well insulated room into a true wine cellar. The has two fan speeds and will cool your wine cellar. In operation it is very quiet and efficient, helping to reduce energy costs. This unit is suitable for venting on inside walls only. If heating is required you will need the Fondis C25S

Dimensions (mm): 381h x 540w x 524d