Wine Christmas Quiz

Here’s everything you need for a fun-filled Christmas themed wine quiz. The first two rounds consist of 10 wine-themed questions. The final round is a picture round based on different drinking glasses. Good luck!

Round 1: General Knowledge

  1. Thinking about Champagne bottles, which is bigger? A Nebuchadnezzar or Rehoboam?
  2. Where was wine first produced? (Hint: it’s not in Europe)
  3. What is riddling?
  4. What was the most expensive bottle of wine sold?
  5. Which country is the leading producer of wine?
  6. Where is Barossa Valley, home to some of the oldest living vineyards
  7. Which country consumes the most amount of wine?
  8. How should you store Champagne at home?
  9. Which country is home to the Riesling grape?
  10. Who is the patron Saint of winemakers?

Round 2: Food & Drink

  1. What fortified wine is traditionally added to trifle?
  2. What are the three key ingredients in a Negroni cocktail?
  3. Which type of wine might you add to your Bolognese recipe?
  4. What are the two traditional ingredients in a Tiramisu?
  5. In which order is wine served at a dinner party or tasting?
  6. What would you add to your Christmas pudding before lighting it?
  7. What alcohol is added to make a coffee Irish?
  8. Finish the wine pairing rule… White wines pair best with…
  9. What liqueur traditionally has a worm in it?
  10. Name two liquors you could add to your Duck L’Orange sauce?

Round 3: Pictures