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Fondis air conditioning systems for your wine cellar

In the past, most good French homes were built with cellars that could maintain a constant temperature which would not exceed 14 to 16ºC. Nowadays, this is hardly the case. For a wine cellar to be referred to as a quality one, it needs to be able to prevent extreme temperature change, be as dark, cold and wet as necessary, stay well ventilated and remain free of vibration. This is why Fondis use the knowledge of expert specialists and wine enthusiasts to help them make the right choices when designing and manufacturing all of the Fondis air conditioners you see here, helping you to best preserve your wine.

All wine lovers know that wine can be very fragile and in order to reach its full potential, the conditions have to be just right. However, cellars in old houses do not normally offer the best conditions and modern homes do not typically feature wine cellars at all.

There are however ways around this problem with several simple solutions, regardless of how big your wine collection might be.

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