A wine cellar to store investment wines

Wine is being seen by more and more people as an alternative asset, especially when traditional investment opportunities may not be returning sufficiently attractive returns. Investing in wine can be done as a means of diversifying an investment portfolio, as well as providing a great reason to invest more time in pleasurable hobby!

As a business that specialises in designing and building wine racks and installing cellar air conditioning units for storing personal wine collections, Wine Racks UK can help and share our expertise.

An introduction to Investing in Wine

This is by no means advice, but if you are interested in the idea of investing in wines here are the basics and links to some good articles.

As with any investment the process to investing wine is;

  • Research what to buy
  • Choosing when to buy
  • Deciding where you are going to store your investment wine
  • Understanding how long to hold on to your investment
  • Final the call on when to sell and at what price

A good place to start is Vin X, a specialist wine investment service.

Another good article on investing in wine include can be found on Unbiased.

How to store investment wine at home

Wine investors will not be surprised to hear about the importance of proper wine storage. Good storage of investment wine collections is paramount to success.

You can store with third party, professional warehouses, which might be the safest place if you are not 100% sure on how best to keep your investment wine at its optimum quality. However there will be a charge for this service.

You can store your collection in a home cellar but we strongly advise getting it professionally built.

As a guide your investment wine storage needs

  • The perfect temperature for each wine type
  • As near zero UV light as possible
  • Cellar wine storage racks at the right angle
  • Reduce dampness for long term storage
  • Seal the room as best you can.

The professional at Halleck Vineyard have written a good article on building a home cellar to store wine.

In for the long haul

Wine is a slow-return investment that needs patience and long term planning.

Make sure that whatever you wine investment storage plans are, that they can last for many years.

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Constantine Bay Stores Wine Racking By A & W MOORE WINERACKS

A & W MOORE are proud to reveal the New Retail Wine Racking for the Constantine Bay Stores (Padstow, Cornwall. PL28 8JJ). Which displays over a hundred different varieties of wine.

The friendly and helpful staff would be pleased to see you to discuss your wine requirements or visit their website www.constantinebaystores.com to find out more.

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or simply give us a Call  or Email and see how we can help you. Tel: 01159441434  Email: information@wineracks.co.uk

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