Solid Oak Wine Rack in Surrey

The team was been working down south again, in the Surrey region planning, designing and then fitting a brand new solid oak wine rack system, with an oiled finish, for a client’s wine room.

Solid Oak, once used to build the dominant English fleet of ships in the 18th century, is the champion of wood in our mind. Durable and beautiful.

This was a relatively small project for Wine Racks UK, but always just as important, and the client was thrilled with the quality of the completed wine rack.

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Home Wine Room Dream Comes True

A new customer got in touch from the beautiful Channel island of Guernsey as they were starting a long held dream of collecting prestigious wines.

And this wine enthusiast knew what they wanted from their bespoke wine room!

Wine Room Design Consultation

Guernsey oak wine room

We met the client on site for a full wine room design consultation.

  • the client did not wish to store many wooden wine boxes,
  • instead they wanted more storage for 6 and 12 individual bottles
  • the client was also keen on champagne so we planned in a good amount of storage for magnums and Dom Perignon style champagne bottles
  • finally our client wanted a work top space to stand large format champagne bottles, spirits and liqueurs.

We took careful measurements from site and returned back to our workshop in the Midlands.

Design and Build of a Solid Oak Wine Rack

Our experienced designers created some beautiful ideas for the new wine room, based on the dimensions we had and the wine it needed to store.

We reviewed the designs with the client, talking through a few changes and amends as requested.

Once the design was approved we crafted all the parts in the workshop and sent them with our team for the final build


A trip to Guernsey

The team drew straws to pick the lucky craftsmen who got to visit Guernsey, though this was never going to be much of a holiday.

The solid oak wine rack was heavy, in fact too heavy for our 3.5 tonne truck.

The only way to to get the oak safely to the clients property was freight using the Ferry Speed.

Happy Client!

We had hardly been finished five minutes when the client started to fill the new wine room with their much treasured wines. It was great to see the solid oak wine rack in action!

The wine cubes provided and excellent solution for storing six and twelve bottles, the magnums were stored in the corners on a 45˚  angle and in the centre of the cellar there is a special champagne rack manufactured for the Dom Perignon style champagne bottles.

The standard wine racks were specifically sized to hold normal Moet & Chandon style champagne bottles for this champagne enthusiast.

Guernsey solid oak wine rack 3

Interested in having a bespoke cocktail bar like this for your own dining room? Simply just contact the Wine Racks team on 0115 944 1434!

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Crafting a bespoke home bar in Derbyshire

The team here at Wine Racks UK were recently approached by a Chesterfield couple looking to upgrade their wine game with a bespoke home bar for their modern dining room.

Taking into account the clients’ needs, our workforce of talented craftsmen soon got to work designing a home bar that would be truly personal to the clients, ensuring that it would be:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Personalised with a unique display feature for prized bottles
  • Large enough to store spirit and liqueur bottles
  • Ideal for serving drinks to guests
  • Perfect for storing and age top-quality wine at the optimal wine cellar conditioning
  • A general storage space for everyday wines
  • Able to hang wine and cocktail glasses

Home Bar with a Wine Chiller and Cocktail Cabinet

For the lower half of the bar, we needed to find a way of installing a wine cooling system that would meet the clients’ needs of restoring and protecting their wine collections.

By installing an integrated wine fridge into the design, our team was able to meet this expectation without compromising the seamless aesthetic of the bar.

To accommodate the depth of the wine fridge, our craftsmen then extended the work tops to be 600mm, offering an ideal space for serving drinks. At either side of the fridge, we then fitted double-depth wine racks (where one bottle is stored behind the other) for more space-efficient storage, as well as single-depth storage for the clients’ everyday wines.

Interested in having a bespoke cocktail bar like this for your own dining room? Simply just contact the Wine Racks team on 0115 944 1434!

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Solid Oak Wine Rack in an Old Cellar

This client came to us in the hopes of transforming their old, empty cellar into a luxurious, state-of-the-art wine room. With an eye for detail and elegance, our team here at Wine Racks immediately knew that a solid oak design would be the perfect choice.

Solid oak wine racks are one of the premium options of our bespoke cellar design service. With oak’s durability and excellent strength, they not only make for impressive room to store prized collections of wine but will also last a lifetime.

A cellar such as this is particularly ideal for a wine room because it is out of any sunlight, and the climate of a cellar is kept at a consistent temperature and humidity, though for this project we added a a Fondis air conditioner to ensure the wine cellar was the perfect the temperature 365 days a year. These excellent air conditioners can be use to keep the correct temperature for an above-ground wine rooms.


Our team of craftsmen first set out working on measuring up the spacious cellar, designing the layout, consulting and advising the client, and then crafting the solid oak into traditional wine racks, shelves and storage units to pair alongside the original brick walls of the cellar.

With such a great space to use, we were proudly able to fit over 400 wine bottle compartments, in addition to over 50 shelves for boxed wine.

The outcome? Rustic and retro meets sophistication and style – a truly impressive use of space that’s sure to make an unforgettable impact on guests, friends and family.

For consultation on your very own wine rack project, please contact us on 0115 944 1434 or fill out our wine rack contact form.

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Understairs wine rack in solid pine with an oak stain

This understairs wine rack made out of solid pine with an oak stain is a harmonious blend of functionality, craftsmanship, and aesthetics.

The triangle shape present both a challenge and a great opportunity.

How many bottles of wine can we fit in

The space under the stair can be a wasted space, but not when you can store nearly 100 bottles of you favourite wines. This provides ample storage capacity, with horizontal slots to securely hold each bottle in the correct position. We also include compartments, shelves and wine bins within the design to store slightly larger slots for magnum bottles, other specialty wines and wine accessories . The design takes particular care to consider proper spacing to prevent any damage to the bottles and allows for easy access.

Wine Rack Material and Finish

This wine rack is crafted from high-quality solid pine, known for its durability and natural beauty. The wood is stained with a rich oak finish, carefully chosen to complement the beautiful oak staircase in both colour and texture. The stain enhances the grain of the pine, giving it a warm and inviting appearance that adds character to the overall design.

Design and Structure

This build as with all our wine rack and wine cellar projects required precision, to make sure the wine storage structure is custom-fitted seamlessly in to triangular under staircase shape.

A&W Moore Wine Racks Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves above all on the craftsmanship of each wine rack. Our client’s want the best and demand that their wine rack is impeccable, with attention to detail at every stage. The joints are seamless, the edges are smooth, and the shelving perfectly square to its environment.

Finally, the stain finish is applied with the same care, evenly highlighting the natural beauty of the pine wood.

Fill the wine rack with wine!

We are really pleased with how this project was delivered, matching the quality and style of this customers wonderful house in the Midlands.

If you like the look of this understairs wine rack then take a look out our service,

or just contact our team on 0115 944 1434.

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Oak Wine Rack with Quartz Worktop

Our London based client loved the idea of integrating quartz into the design of their wine rack, with led lighting to emphasis the beauty of the stone.

Quartz worktops are a great choice for a worktop for a wine rack solution, not only because it looks great, but it is a ‘hard’ stone making it robust, long lasting and easy to maintain.

The texture in quartz depends on where the stone was mined and the consistency of quartz crystals.

The craftsman at Wine Rack UK can help you choose the quartz you want or work with pre-chosen and pre-ordered quartz.

Often the quartz chosen is cut from the same quarry and piece of stone to match the interior finishing in the residence. This project required two visits, one to set the quartz worktop in place and a second finished to complete the wine rack.

We love the way the quartz stone glows with the led lighting behind, and complements the dark oak wine rack frame

Integrated Wine Cooling Display

As well as the incorporating quartz in to the design the client want a section of vintage view stainless steel metal racking, behind glass to be able to display important wine and ensure they are cooled.

This project was complete in London in Q4 of 2023.

For consultation on your wine rack project please contact us on 0115 944 1434 or fill out our wine rack contact form.

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